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Chris Fonseca was born and raised in the heart of London, England. After having meningitis from a very young age he was made completely deaf (profound) in both ears also wear Cochlear Implant in one ear.

Through his early childhood Chris Fonseca started dancing. It was his aunty who encouraged him to watch ‘Breakin’ the movie, a 1984 dance classic. Having watched the movie over and over again Chris Fonseca felt so inspired, especially by all the street dance moves and the old Skool dance such as; Electric Boogaloo, Popping, locking and B-Boy. He was also inspired by the structure of dance techniques carried out by actor Michael 'Boogaloo Shrimp' Chambers and therefore decided to teach himself.

In 2009, Chris Fonseca attended the University of Wolverhampton to study graphic communication.  In his 2nd year at University Chris Fonseca joined an all deaf dance group called ‘Def Motion’. Def Motion was set up as a request from the organisers of Deaffest - UK's annual Deaf Film Festival. This is a group of talented individuals with an ambition to create and perform visual entertainment through dance, sign-song, comedy and visual vernacular (VV). A lot of the dance was influenced by the work of Michael Jackson and street dance.

During these times Chris’s passion for street dance grew and he gained more experience in different styles of dance. He specifically enjoyed street dance and grew through teaching himself and through attending classes that focused on Lyrical hip hop.

Lyrical Hip hop challenged Chris; specifically the structure of techniques. The techniques involved understanding how to interpret Lyrical into choreography with beats and rhythm behind in right timing. To achieve this Chris explains you have to always have faith that there are many ways to accomplish this type of dance style. Even if the music you are listening to is an instrumental version you can still achieve positive results. This is the same whether you are deaf or hearing, professional or learning. For Chris to be able to develop his skills and interpret lyrical into choreography with perfect timing he listened and feel the beats through vibrations and practiced again and again. 

Having now graduated from university with a BA (Hons) in graphic communication Chris wants to continue developing and understanding the structure of street dance. Chris also feels that it is important for him to be versatile in his dance therefore being well informed on the history of different dance styles is also important.

In 2014, Chris joined Studio 68 dance Training Academy teaching dancers who want to become versatile, improve their dance skills and learn the fundamentals of various dance styles. This has been of a great benefit to Chris and encouraged him to continue teaching as dance teacher. It has also enabled Chris to share his passion and knowledge for dance, inspire others through his workshops, gain better teaching strategies and structure. He has now stepped down from the group Def motion to work on his solo projects as freelance dancer.



Lyrical Hip hop, currently still attending classes & Academy to learn Hip Hop & House.


inspirations to Dance

I’m inspired by all different types of dancers. This includes teachers from Boy Blue entertainment, various Teachers from Studio 68 London, deaf dancers and other professional dancers from around the world.


Personal Motto

How You Know If You Don’t Try?
Dreams don't work unless you do.
Dream it. Believe it. Achieve it
Psalm 150:4 & Philippians 4:13




“There is nothing impossible to him who will try.”

– Alexander the great


"We don’t grow when things are easy; we grow when we face challenges"

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Featured Campaign

SMIRNOFF | We're Open





The latest gigs

BBC TWO, Streetdance Documentary, See Hear  Series: 34  Episode: 13

Channel 4, Paralympics opening ceremony London 2012 UK
Smirnoff We’re Open, Europe
Smirnoff ICE Keep It Moving, U.S
Smirnoff Experience, India
Music videos:
Donae’o – ‘Mami No Like’, London UK
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Live Performance:
Smirnoff Experience, India
International Dance Festival, Birmingham UK
The Black Collective: Signed By Shakespeare London UK
Incloodu: Deaf Art Festival, London UK
Clin d’Oeil Festival, France
Shuffle Festival, London UK
The Black Collective: Black History Of Month, London UK